The Sleeving Standard


Product Overview

The Sleeving Standard

This system is for large-volume sleeving. Increase productivity while keeping a uniform and organized sleeving system. Ideal for any sized plants, our innovative stands are customized and adjustable to your working environment, allowing an individual to quickly sleeve even large foliage.

A platform option enables the person sleeving to be at the same height as a plant traveling along a conveyor.

System Components

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Category Belt Clip

Belt Clip

The belt clip makes it easier and faster to sleeve smaller plants and can be used with the Satin, ShoCase, Fiber-Aire, and System Paper sleeves.

Category Counter Clamp

Couter Clamp

This clamp easily attaches to any retail counter to conveniently sleeve plants and flowers, making the checkout line run smoother.

The Sleeving System


This system is for large-volume sleeving. Increase productivity while keeping a uniform and organized sleeving system.

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An Innovative Sleeving System

An available Belt Clip is ideal for mobile workers in greenhouses; enables sleeve production anywhere

The Desk Clamp can be mounted to any table in the nursery for ultra fast packing

The Vertpac Sleeving Stand is solid steel and used for high production operations; it is rugged and can be used by two workers at once

A variety of our sleeves can be used with the Sleeving Standard System

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Paper Sleeves

Paper Sleeves

The original plant sleeve. Made with heavy duty kraft wet-strength paper and strong, non-toxic glue. Paper is still favored for its rigidity, durability and protective qualities.



ShoCase combines the benefits of enhanced breathability with exceptional visibility in one attractive sleeve. Comprised of half fiber, half crystal-clear polypropelene.

Category Seasonal


Show off a festive look with sleeves for every occasion. We feature 2 designs for the seasonal collection, Poinsettias and Wreath designs. Both designs feature high-quality printer paper and we are able to manufacture custom sizes.

Category Fiber Aire


With optimal air circulation, this fully breathable sleeve is an industry favorite. This sleeve is durable and able to withstand dampness and watering. When plant visibility is not important, but maximum breathability is Fiber-Aire is the sleeve of choice. Available in many sizes.