Satin Plant Sleeves

Satin Sleeves

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High Quality Satin Plant Sleeves

Now an industry standard, this product was invented by our Planters division in 1967. This economical, high-efficiency product is made from durable high-density domestically-sourced polyethelene with vent holes for air circulation. The wooden header and belt clip system make sleeving efficient and easy for one person. Satin sleeves are packed 1000 per case and are easily stored.

The Satin Collection sleeves come stapled to a wooden header and can be attached with a belt clip or wooden clamp. Packed 50 per header — 1000 sleeves per box. Unless otherwise specified, Satin sleeves from in natural white.

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VERTPAC versatility in our Satin and Clear Production includes the options of, Wooden Header, Wickets, Bungee Cord Holes, Vented, Non-Vented and Maxi Vents.

All Satin Products Made & Sourced in the USA
All VERTPAC Satin Sleeves are made onsite
Made Onsite
Custom Sizes Welcome & Encouraged

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The Highest Quality Satin Plant Sleeves

Our Satin Sleeve Raw Materials are domestically sourced, not imported

All Satin Sleeves are Manufactured onsite in Florida up to 37”

All Satin Sleeves come with Wooden Headers Vented or Unvented

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